02 April 2012

Lauris Reiniks goes Turkish!

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Lauris Reiniks keeps running and “Microphone Records” has just released one of his recent International summer hits in Turkish.  The song is called “Kosuyorum” originally known as “Es skrienu”. The Turkish version was created in a cooperation with  a young and talented Turkish author Yakup Mutla who did the Turkish adaptation of lyrics.

Until today this melody and video has been successfully recorded and released in 7 languages in several countries. (Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Russian, Italian, English and German). Always performed by Lauris Reiniks himself.  In Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia it is already a super hit, has received several music awards and reached millions of views on YouTube.  The German version is included in couple of EMI Germany compilations.

“Latvia is in Northern Europe, but we’ve always had very warm feelings about Turkey and Turkish people. Sertab Erener won the Eurovision in our capital Riga in 2003. And I was representing my country that year, too. A lot of Latvians go for summer holidays to Turkey. Including me. One of my best birthday parties was couple of years ago in Marmaris.  This is a summer song, and I hope that people will love and dance to it just like we do here. And hopefully Turkish people will not be very critical about my accent. I tried my best and it was a lot of fun to sing in Turkish. Girls say this is the sexiest version of my running song”, says Lauris who decided to make the Turkish version after hearing Turkish students responses to the Latvian version. Students claimed that it sounded very Turkish.

“Kosuyorum” song and video is a romantic and funny summer story where a girl gives the last chance to her boyfriend to save their damaged relationship. If he misses his last chance, then their relationship is over.

Lauris Reiniks has been a show business star for more than 10 years now. He is not only a singer, but also composer, TV show presenter and actor. He studied music in Latvia, but acting in Los Angeles. Lauris Reiniks has released 7 albums and recieved more than 20 National awards. He also won the first season of Latvian version of“Dancing with the stars” TV show. The British pop music magazine “ Top Of the Pops” once awarded Lauris with a title of “Latvian national megastar”. Right now Lauris Reiniks is one of the few Internationally successful Latvian artists.